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The First Rainbow Catalogue

Creative spirit of the present in its variety of experiences, images, ideas and events: an intensified collage.

Portraits of motivated and innovative people and their Sens-ible, different local projects: Capture of a moment in a grown and growing network.

The rainbow: Time-less uniting symbol in fairy tales, myths, religions and visions of peoples. In science, art, world history, DreamTime and everyday life of people.

Rainbow Flags: the red thread, symbol for the unity in the diversity of cultures. Information, inspiration, entertainment, networking. Motivation to exchange and above all: Inspiration to create.

Der Erste Regenbogen Katalog
(The First Rainbow Catalogue)
Thomas Bertschi, 336 pages, 23x30cm
more than 700 four-colour plates
CHF 56.– + postage and packaging.
Orders to: thomas.bertschi@bluewin.ch